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Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning Immersion Day - Virtual and @ DreamPort on 10.04.2022

Comb the way through the AI & ML forest to elevate the community and discover effective cybersecurity solutions. 

Cyber Saturday :: a gathering of future cyber warriors @ DreamPort on 10.15.2022

A fun day for students in 6th – 12th grade interested in learning about industrial control systems cybersecurity

Battle of Estonia 2022; We’re looking for Cyber Talent ages 18-24 to join our Team. Apply by 09.20.2022

Taking place in Tallinn Estonia on October 26-30, 2022.  Do you have the mettle to meet the rigorous challenges?


The GBC MISI Academy is a STEM Mentoring Initiative of The Greater Baltimore Cares, The Maryland Innovation and Security Institute, The National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity and the DreamPort program.

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“I never realized or thought critically about some of the issues facing our country/world and getting the chance to speak about them in a low stakes environment was an unforgettable experience.”


Miranda E.
Future Cyber Warrior

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Cyber Mission Acceleration driven by a culture of perpetual curiosity

The future of global cybersecurity requires that our nation continuously maximizes its ability to push the boundaries of how we think about cybersecurity. MISI is a boundaryless organization designed to disrupt traditional innovation. MISI was founded for the purpose of helping organizations accelerate the discovery of viable cybersecurity and related technologies. The goal of the organization is to maximize the ability of our clients to achieve an understanding of solutions from non-traditional sources that can be combined, if needed, with more mature technology to result in powerful new capabilities.