The MISI Academy is partnered with Elastic in Support of Cyber Education for the Next Generation

The MISI Academy is partnered with Elastic in support of cyber education for the next generation.  MISI provides deserving students with access to internships where students are successful in demonstrating a passion and drive to learn about security operations center (SOC), Security Information Event Management (SIEM) and cyber threat hunting skills.   Students who are selected for our SOC […]

MISI Academy & Bowie State University: Working to Prioritize Diversity and Opportunity in Cybersecurity

The MISI Academy is an enthusiastic partner in supporting divine cybersecurity real world skills development to help close the gap in unfilled #cybersecurity jobs in the nation. The team will be providing a lecture on critical infrastructure cybersecurity and the use of Elastic’s #SIEM for threat analysis and detection. Elastic is a MISI and MISI Academy Partner. We are training interns […]

Web-essentials 101

An Introduction to Branding, Web Design and Development Course Time: 16 hours over 2 weeks As our world continues to evolve virtually, businesses are working to establish their presence online. In this course, students will have the opportunity to create a digital presence for a business of their choice to include branding and the development […]