About Our Partnership

MARFORCYBER Academy is a 10 week program where enlisted marines mix their skills alongside, college (ROTC) and civilians in a challenging real world cyber skills program. 
Each week the participants experienced new skills and applied them.  
As the program continued, the offensive and defensive cyber skills learned were put to the test using cyber virtual and physical ranges that leveraged IT, IoT and control systems (OT) devices and networks. 
The program ended in an all out cyber battle designed to force each team’s offense and defense to hone their skills and their esprit the corps.  

Helping the next generation’s workforce to imagine all that is possible.

Cyber Battle

The final exercise named the Mameluke Saber Cyber Exercise allowed for the defense to not only defend a roster of IT, OT and IoT assets but to strike back at the offense.  Critical infrastructure assets such as water, power, WiFi, detailed and highly sensitive offensive and defensive plans were all at stake. 
This is where the difference in the MISI Academy experience is exhibited.  At every turn the skill of each team was challenged.  The offense not knowing if their tactics had been detected and how the defense would strike back.  
The defense having to monitor all flanks as they did not know if 1, 2 or more cyber attacks would be launched at them. 

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